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About Us

Composite Solutions Group., Ltd offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Since opening our doors in 2018, we’re proud to say that we continue to keep our client base at a managing level and close.

As the old saying says, It's not the quantity of your customer base but more importantly the quality that we service our existing partners in Asia and the Americas.

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The Team

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Composite Solutions Group., Ltd is proud to have some of the industry’s best consultants on our team. The experience, capability and passion of our staff is the foundation for our success in serving our clients. That’s why we invest heavily in our staff, skills development and forming a work environment that fosters our growth.  Your success is our success!

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Mr. Pakasit Sungsawong

Senior Consultant & Engineer

After a thriving career in many different businesses, Composite Solutions Group., Ltd was pleased to have our key consultant/engineer. Mr. Sungsawong has supported major Aerospace projects in South East Asia and has traveled to explore markets & potentials in South America.  Subsea and architectural Cladding are also his expertise, where he has worked with our partners closely to achieved the required regulations in the projects.

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Mr. Satja Chayangkanon

  Senior Consultant & CEO

Mr. Chayangkanon approaches every project with ingenuity and focus. Our skilled Senior Advisor has been driving our clients' successes for years, putting in every effort to ensure that each business we work with is satisfied with the results of our partnership.

A graduate of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Mr. Chayangkanon went straight into International business and landed a role years later with one of the top water sports manufacturers in the world ( Cobra International ), where he supported the Surf Business Unit and developed some of the technology we are riding today.  After 3 years with Cobra Int, Mr. Chayangkanon became the VP of Sales & Marketing for Diab, one of the leaders in PVC & PET foam manufacturing and consultant.  Here he had obtained vast knowledge from all current composite market segments, like Aerospace, Subseas, Marine, Transport, Architecture and Water Sports.

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Mr. Edward DuRocher

International Financial Controller Director

Mr. DuRocher has been an integral part of Composite Solutions Group., Ltd since our founding in 2018. His tireless dedication and impressive work ethic have played a key role in building our company and making us the successful organization we are today.

Mr. DuRocher graduated from James Madison University in Virginia, top in his field, and quickly moved up the ranks at Arthur Anderson, EY, and  Energy Industry for last decade.  Taking over the role as International Finacial Controller Director and propelling Composite Solutions Group into the national composites arena.

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Mr. Patrick Bishop

International Sales & Consultant Director

A graduate of Eastern Carolina University, Mr. Bishop has taken on the key role of overseeing all of Composite Solutions' sales and consulting business.  With a lean organization under his umbrella to effectively achieve our annum KPIs.  Mr. Bishop and the CEO Mr. Chayangkanon have worked and known one another for over 35 years, so you can imagine the trust and working relationship that will take CSG and our strategic partners to another level.  Mr. Bishop has been in the logistics, support/trainer and healthcare sales industries for over 3 decades.  Having him join our family/team in the last year will make 2024 that much more successful.  Mr. Bishop and his force will be concentrating now for the South and North American markets/potentials, while Asia will remain under the mother company CSG in Thailand and their strategic partners within South East Asia.  We are looking to expand into Europe by 2030...until then!

Client 7


Positive Change

Composite Solutions Group., Ltd has worked with this client from the very beginning - and we’re happy to be their partner throughout their journey. Together, we have achieved outstanding results, and it has been a pleasure to watch their business grow.

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