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Welcome to Composite Solutions Group., Ltd

Going Green One Customer at A Time

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Hello. We're Composite Solutions Group., Ltd

Composite Solution Group ( CSG ) is a consulting, sales and business development firm overseen by founder & CEO Mr. Satja Chayangkanon.  Concentrating on composite sandwich constructions, which are strong, lights and sustainable.  Many local builders and designers in Asia are still using traditional and inexpensive materials such as PU, EPS or PS foams; which are not just lower in costs, but also in mechanical properties.  Just spending a little more for closed cells PET or PVC will provide customers a long term cost savings in resin absorption, lamination and labor time reduction; along with higher quality in your finished goods.   CSG is a one-stop network for your business support & development.  We have partners in the marine, aerospace, transportation, renewable energy, architecture and watersports ( surfing & SUPs ).

Composite Solutions represent Armacell 100% PET foams that range from 10mm up to 300mm in blocks for special applications.  The company also carries limited Armacell foil for special applications, ranging from 1.5mm to 3mm ( surfboard skins and interiors of trains and buses ).  One 20mm sheet of Armacell PET  will recycle up to around 120 plastic bottles that will not be going into our oceans, landfills, rivers, streets and lakes.


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There may be no better way to communicate what we do or have done than through images. As you browse our site, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for our projects in the vast composite sanwich market segments.

Green Juices

"Turning bottles into a surfboard, how sexy and radical is that?  Same DNA and push our company has been doing for years, we will continue to lead and develop new surfboard applications with CSG. " 

Rohan Jefferey Firewire Surfboards R&D

"We were and possibly are one of the first Vietnamese companies to apply infusion to our production for the Vietnamese Navy and local marine customers.  Entrusting Armacell and CSG for their material knowledge and support. " 

Mr. Tho - Owner of Century Haiphong

Century VN.jpg

"I have know members of CSG since they were with Diab SEA, which made the transitions to a greener and more environmentally friendly foam, fibers and resins much easier..without the sales pitch that has no history nor projects. " 

Mr. Scott Bradley of East Marine Asia

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