Our Partners

Making a Difference Around Asia with one partner, market segment and application at a time with Composite Solutions, Armacell 100% Recycled PET high density foams, SAERTEX fibers, CYMAX, Entropy Bio Epoxy Resin systems and CS Composite Panels.


FYI – did you know that your airline food trolley that’s serving food and drinks on your flights has a very vigorous test rating, each trolley will need to endor a 9+ G test rating; along with numerous FST tests.


FYI – each one of these delivery trucks have Armacell PET panels and will use up around 2,500-3,000 recycled bottles, replacing the horrible local manufactured EPS/PU and PS foams, which will deterioates within 3-5 years and will need repairs.

Construction & Interiors

FYI – Traditional Mosques that were built 100s of years ago are starting to break apart, due to the harsh climate or just old age. Most are being repaired or replaced by composite domes, while we only see the mosaic on these mosques, thinking they are made from bricks and cement..they are actually advance composites […]


My customer at Floeth just sent over these pictures of his 72’ Cat that was just launched; what’s so special? Its made completely from Armacell 100% recycled PET high density foams from Belgium. One sheet of 15-20mm foam, is around 120+ plastic bottles that’s not floating in our oceans, lakes, rivers, streets and landfills..Proud to […]