Amarcell 100% Recycle High Density PET Foams

PET Foil

Armacell PET foil has been leading the transport industry with interior parts globally, while applications in Asia has been lacking. Since it’s introduction to South East Asia, this product now is being applied in multiple applications, including watersports, lavatory in buses & air ducts..with a new possibilities for remainder of 2020 & into 2021.

Composite Solutions Group Represent Armacell 100% PET Foams, with local stock from 10mm to 30mm to support our “selected partners”, while we do carry limited Armacell PET foil for special applications, which the rolls are 1.5-3mm thick.
With 6 small trucks and 3 big 10 wheelers, Composite Solution is able to support our partners 24/7, our partners call..we will delivery; without any hassle.

Composite Panels:

Customized panels for exterior and interior for construction. With foam backing, builders and end users do not need to worry about the composite wood panels warping or bending like traditional materials in the humid Asian environment. Less chance of wood boring insets and again our Armacell panels/foam has thermo and acoustic properties.
Customized composite panels with our local strategic partners, of any size, color or thickness..with any types of finishes needed to support your applications.
Stronger, Lighter & Competitive …our panels will not rot, it’s 35-40% lighter than traditional material like plywood or EPVC, has thermo and acoustic properties; best part..our panels are made of 100% recycle PET foam from Armacell, along with Bio Resin from Entropy and natural fibers if requested. We have NO MOQ!

Why Composite Solutions Group?

Unlike other business partners, we are a small family run business with vast strategic partners to support your projects/applications. Without fancy office nor warehouse, which in turn means “low” overhead and more savings provided to our partners. If our partners are not making money, then we are not successful. Your success is our success!