Armacell 100% Recycled PET for Airline Lavatories & Galleys
PET for Business Class, perfect for it’s thermoforming
RC Composite Planes, traditionally made from balsa, then the expensive being sub by Armacell GR and Foil PET in Asia.

FYI – did you know that your airline food trolley that’s serving food and drinks on your flights has a very vigorous test rating, each trolley will need to endor a 9+ G test rating; along with numerous FST tests.

PET Panels for Lavatories
PET Alu Panels with our local Partners to support not only Aerospace, but along with numerous markets segments as Trains, Buses and Architectural Cladding.
PET foam for Airline Galleys
Composite Panels for Airline Catering Vehicles
Sublimation and Panels for Airline Trolleys, with our Global Partner at DeCall Bv.