Interior for Government SkyTrains, of course..nothing but Armacell PET for flooring, ceilings and side walls; while we are developing a newer and sexier seats.
Approximately 3,500-3,800 recycled bottles are in these Government Fire Trucks. Armacell composite panels have replaced the traditional heavy, non sustainable and time consuming tanks parts, making these trucks now..stronger, lighter and sustainable.
CS Panels made with Armacell 100% PET Foams, perfect for Transport applications..with very competitive prices vs traditional materials. It’s also Lighter, Stiffer, Acoustic and Thermo properties, easy to handle and cut and will NOT rot after 5-7 years, which in turn will be no operation time for yours or your customers vehicles on the road. Lighter vehicles also means less wear and tear on engines & tires…We challenge you to try!