Our very first successful Government project that started in early 2018. We are replacing old and new buses with Armacell PET, along with other sustainable products.
KL Monorail with PET high density foams. Project was managed by our VP of International Sales Mr. Pakasit Sungsawang.
100% Armacell Recycled PET, each one of these delivery trucks have around 2,540 recycled bottles that have not gone into our local landfills, oceans or rivers…https://local.armacell.com/en/armaform-pet-foam-cores/
DK Composites Malaysia Metro Train Project, these were also completed with PET.

FYI – each one of these delivery trucks have Armacell PET panels and will use up around 2,500-3,000 recycled bottles, replacing the horrible local manufactured EPS/PU and PS foams, which will deterioates within 3-5 years and will need repairs.

Armacell PET Panels for Truck Flooring, which uses a similar application as the Armacell Multicore, some clients in Asia get this concept..while many are still trying to catch our trucks… – https://local.armacell.com/en/armaform-pet-foam-cores/products/armaform-core/armaform-multicore/
First Monocoque Composite Bus by Brazen Composites in Malaysia
Composite Train Interiors by TECO and TRIAC Composites, HCMC Vietnam
First Composite Train Interiors by TECO and TRIAC Composites Vietnam, another proud project that my old teams and I had handled and managed during 2016 & 2017.

Lighter, Stiffer and Sustainable..that’s what our customers can say now about their Fire Trucks with Armacell 100% Recycled PET.
Buses headed for Chiang Mai, very close to my father’s hometown of Lampang..it’s always an honor working with local projects like this. Putting our skills and knowledge back to the local communities..One Client At A Time!
Armacell PET Foil for Bus Lavatories, Foil has been used in the car industry for a while now..we were successfully in 2019 to introduce it to the public transportation, due to new laws and regulations that require materials to have FST properties…https://local.armacell.com/en/armaform-pet-foam-cores/products/armaform-foil/
Kustom Interior Specialists Int. Having the RIGHT Strategic partners is key to any successful business or applications. We have know our friends/partner at Kustoms for years, even in my previous life with another foam company. Honest, Professional and Driven..that’s why Kustom Interior is successful!
Another beautiful interior work by Kustom Interior Specialist International, this will be for the local bus applications in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.