My customer at Floeth just sent over these pictures of his 72’ Cat that was just launched; what’s so special? Its made completely from Armacell 100% recycled PET high density foams from Belgium. One sheet of 15-20mm foam, is around 120+ plastic bottles that’s not floating in our oceans, lakes, rivers, streets and landfills..Proud to be a part of the sustainability movement with Foeth and Armacell.

My good friends and Vietnam Strategic partners at TRIAC Composites are always thinking outside the box, the company DNA had originated from the marine industry; but it didn’t take them long after moving to Vietnam that composites was a growing part of their country. Now diversified into Transport, Architecture, Oil & Gas and of course Marine. No Limits on Advance Composites with TRIAC!
Full of Green Armacell 100% Recycled PET
Beautiful flat panels by TRIAC Composites for a major European project, which had required high density PET foams from Armacell.
Our dear friend and Commander Raja insisted that Mr. Pakasit and I would present their 12.5 meter fast patrol ( speed of 68 knots ), with a remote operated gun. Designed and support with VI process by Yonka Onuk, this fast patrol is in it’s own class.
Composite Superstructure for Damen, manufactured in Melaka, Malaysia by Brazen and transported to Haiphong, Vietnam to Damen Song Cam. Joint International teams from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Netherlands.
Multihulls Direct in Subic Bay, Philippines.
Floeth Yachts 55′ Speedcats are constructed with both high density PVC and PET. Boats are being operated in Phuket, Thailand. Rest assure that these boats will NOT break or burn like many local builders. 3 x boats are being operated under heavy conditions, with waves over 4 meters at times. While most boats are docked, these speedcats are out jumping big surf.
100% Armacell PET Composite Bar for a local Catamaran.
12 Meter Fast Patrol in the Philippines
No matter how big or small your projects are, CSG and our local strategic partners can support.
Fast Patrol boat at Century, Haiphong Vietnam. Mr. Tho and his teams are the best at not only taking car of their customers, but also supporting the Vietnamese Navy with these fast patrols. One of the first companies in North Vietnam to apply VI process and are now applying eco friendly core materials by Armacell.
The Ultimate Composite Battle Ship by John Lundin and his teams, 63 meter of foam and carbon fibers in Indonesia, we are ready for more John.
This is why you should use composite sandwich constructions, LIGHT, STRONG and SUSTAINABLE! While many local builders in Asia are still using cheap local PU, EPS or PS foams, just spending a bit more for closed cells PVC or PET will provide you a cost saving in resin absorption, reduce laminate and labor time. In the end, deciding to use a non structural foam will cost you more!