Haramain High Speed Train Station with Armacell PET. Our Global Sales Manager for Armacell was in charged of this project, so if your company or clients have a similar application..there are expertise to support!

DeCall BV with Sublimated Composite Panels. DeCall and their teams are strong in the aerospace industry, which for many years now they have diversified into the constructions and transport industry with their existing products.

Iniala 6 Star Resort Phuket, managed by my good friends Graham Lamb and Peter Brown..only one word..MAGNIFICANTO! Not only did the Kardashian’s reside here while vacationing in Thailand, but many other famous International and local celebs..Peter wanted Light and Strong to replace the traditional solid wood that would be hanging from the ceilings of the restaurant, after introducing PET composite panels..the rest was history!

Similar Composite Panels applied to the Iniala Resort, why..because our clients needed something that was Lighter, Stronger and would withstand the humid beach climate, along with the local termites..what better than PET foam panels.
DeCall BV with Composite Panels

FYI – Traditional Mosques that were built 100s of years ago are starting to break apart, due to the harsh climate or just old age. Most are being repaired or replaced by composite domes, while we only see the mosaic on these mosques, thinking they are made from bricks and cement..they are actually advance composites with Armacell PET foam.

EDGE Sukhumvit 23, SEXY piece of working art. Manufactured in Thailand by 3MB Chon Buri and use PET to provide the stiffness and lightness needed for hanging in this Condo in the middle of Bangkok.

Shape 3D with composites, easy to manufacture and install. Parts were manufactured here in Asia and transported back to Australia. Many are concerns about Asian capabilities in high end composites. What they do not realized is that composites is BIG in Asia, with all market segments; with some of the biggest surfboards, airline trolleys, transport, marine, galleys and architectural cladding/facade right here in South East Asia & Greater China. Of Wise to do your homework before making a decision to purchase or manufacture here in Asia..CSG and our strategic partners in the regions can support!
Ritz Carlton Maldives Composite Roofs by Marineworx, Phuket. There was 86 x roofs in all made from Armacell 100% Recycled PET. Why, because with light composites, easy to transport to job location, composite will withstand the harsh humidity on the Islands and is more sustainable than traditional materials that were considered.

The 85-meter-tall face belongs to William Barak (1824–1903), the last traditional elder of the Indigenous Wurundjeri-Willam clan, who became an influential spokesman for Aboriginal social justice and an important informant on Wurundjeri cultural lore. Barak, who was also an artist, fought with the colonial government of his time to return the land to his people. He was renowned for working to bridge the divide between black and white Australia.

By far the coolest facade that was manufactured in SEA, by our good mates at RPC Indonesia ( Gary, Lloyd & Darren ) some of the work that went to another good friend John at Brazen, Malaysia..another prime example of an International collaboration.

In 2015 a 279-foot-tall (85-metre-tall) image of William Barak was used to form the facade of an apartment building called Swanston Square in Melbourne, Australia. The portrait is formed by the white balconies against a black wall.
The Global Leader of Inner Core Composite Foam Materials & Solutions. Clarasonic specializes in the processing of specialty composite core materials for applications into a wide range of product categories with focus on audio, automotive, aerospace, sporting goods, medical and marine. The ONLY company in Asia that’s able and capable of slicing foams down to .05 thin! Like CSG, Clarasonic is a small family run business that has strong ties with customers and cost competitive with very little overhead.

Composite table by Matcom Thailand, using Armacell PET. This idea was floating around for many years, with a number of other companies that was to manufacture; but never did anything..while Matcome are on top of projects!